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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Would You Do If Money Were No Object?

I found it interesting when I posted a picture of money in a sack on Facebook with the caption "You too can achieve this if you just BELIEVE. The way people perceive money is interesting to me. I had a few people say "me gusta" or "that's what I'm talking about!". A few people jokingly said how they would want that or asking me if I was a drug dealer to get that kind of cash. Then a couple other people said "believing won't be enough to achieve that". No matter where your stance is on it, I have a question for you. What would you do if money were no object? 

There are TONS of people getting out of college each year with NO idea what they want to do. Others know what they want to do but don't know about how to go about it. Others choose professions like a painter, actor, or a musician where the deck is stacked against them, or so they think. 

Too many people are graduating high school this year and 99% of them are moving onto college. Why? Because high school pushes you to pick a college you want to go to next as soon as you graduate so you can get a sheet of paper that says you've taken certain classes to get this kind of degree. Tons of high schoolers will be going into the theater arts department and get a bachelor's degree in theater arts. How is that going to help an employer than someone straight out of high school? I don't agree with how high school's pressure young adults to choose what college they go to. Making it seem like there is no other choice. 

What people don't understand is if you don't believe in yourself, you'll never become successful. Why is that? You don't have enough confidence to go forward with your plans. You'll dance around the subject and never focus 100% on something. Another reason while believing is important is because it's going to be the fuel for when times get hard. Finding something you are passionate about should be your number 1 priority. Not what college will accept you and what degree to get (unless your passion is to become an engineer, doctor, lawyer, etc.). If you want to become an actor, why are you wasting time going to a 4 year university with a "focus" on acting? You'll be going to classes every week of the rest of your career so save that money. If you want to be a painter, what can college do for you that you can't do for yourself? Look for a cheaper class or travel and find your inspiration! 

It's not just for the creative people either! You don't need to have a college degree to be successful and have a successful business. Do you like houses love improving them? Become an interior decorator, contractor, wood worker, etc! You can start a business right out of high school by working at a job, and building your business on the side. Realtors don't need to go to a 4 year university, they just take a couple classes that can take up to a month or 2 and that's it! You can't learn how to draw in college if you aren't a good drawer. 

Are you a stay at home mother and looking for work that you could do from the comfort of your own home? There are plenty of companies that have affiliate networks that you could sell to anyone! A really good one is The Motor Club of America! It's like a AAA service but with more benefits. They will give you $80 for every person you sign up with the company! You can post ads on craigslist, make a blog around it, make videos and post them to YouTube, etc. There's tons of way to make money. Figure out what your passion is and go after it. You don't necessarily need to go to college so don't think of that as the end all be all. YOU can be successful, even without going to college. 

You just have to know what you want to do. I thought I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to work on film sets and become a film producer! So where do most people start when they don't have connections to be best friends with a studio producer? Start at the bottom of the totem pole! Production Assistant! I moved down to New Orleans where it's in the top 3 places to be to work in the film industry. I walked up onto set and talked to a few people. A couple days later, I was working on an $85 Million dollar film for 6 months! I didn't have time to figure out how to get on a film set. I had the most important thing to be successful. I had motivation, a drive, and a mentor to guide me on how to become a production assistant who was already working in the industry. I was making over $200/day on set!

It wasn't as easy as it sounds, I was just in the right place at the right time with a good friend of mine. We would help each other and after that film was done, I hopped right onto another one. It was a blast and I had the time of my life. I moved out to Los Angeles to work with a three time Oscar winning special effects make up artist thinking that would help my career by being out here. Two months after moving out here, he didn't need an assistant anymore and I needed more work. I picked up the phone, called a few places and landed working at one of the biggest production companies in Los Angeles. I didn't let a few pot holes ruin my drive. By the end of the week after being let go, I already was hired at another place. It all just came together because I believed. Now I'm working on a few films that I will be producing in 2013! 

I quickly am realizing that producing films isn't my passion. It's tons of fun and I sincerely enjoy the film industry so I will always be a part of it, but my passion lays in a different area of my life. My passion in life is not about making money. If that's a passion of yours, please find something else! Otherwise, you'll be working at a bunch of different places chasing after the money when you could be doing less and earning more! Why do you think so many companies can hire people at $8/hour? So many people are chasing after money instead of letting the money chase after you! So how can you do that? Figure out your passion! 

I have finally figured out my passion. I needed a little help realizing it from my girlfriend. Since I'm laid off right now, I've had little motivation to do anything besides find a job. I've been looking for any kind of job. Just a job. Just to make money so I can live comfortably again. Then she said to me, "why don't you just continue to write and motivate others. When the going gets rough, you always at the core focus on being positive and being an inspiration to others." 

I'm lucky to have her around! I never realized that my real passion has been an ability I have always had. I love writing and I love inspiring people. Wait, why not do both!? My passion isn't just writing and inspiring other people. I love to travel too! That's another passion of mine and I want to do something where I can do that too and make money doing it. I can't make money doing them by just sitting on the couch and visualizing/day dream about them. I have a plan that I'm putting into action and I'm going to make a living by following my passion. That's what I would do if money were no object anyway. Travel to a cabin where technology isn't present and focus on the beauty that surrounds me, family/friends, and the gift I've been given. So please, watch this video and then find out what your passion(s) is/are. Follow them and see where life takes you! 

Light, Love, and Blessings!

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