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Saturday, December 15, 2012

When Shit Hits The Fan - Throw Up A Lasso & Enjoy The Ride!

Over the past few months, I've had my fair share of trials and triumphs. The trials have definitely overpowered the triumphs and it has taken a toll on my happiness. Well, it was until I started reading a book called "The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself". I'm only on chapter five but it's opened my eyes to a new way of living. So when the shit hits the fan, I want you to try 5 things to step outside of yourself. 

1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

Deep breathing has the ability to create a tranquil state of being, cultivating a positive connection between the mind and body. When you have a positive connection between the mind & body, only then will you be able to look at things in a positive light. 

Stress and anxiety stimulate a nervous system called your Parasympathetic Nervous System, which causes spikes in cortisol & adrenaline. When stress & anxiety are prolonged, these neurotransmitters remain elevated, which can damage the body! Deep breathing slows the heart rate, expands the lungs and relaxes the muscles, signaling to the body that the time of fight or flight-triggering by the sympathetic nervous system - is over.
It's also important that if you want to lose weight, to de-stress your life. When the body is stressed, it will want to burn glycogen instead of fat, but when exercise causes deep breathing, the relaxation response is triggered that encourages the body to burn fat! 

It's VITAL to stop, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and step outside the situation.

2. Go on a walk.

Don't stop walking until you have cleared your mind! Walking is not only a way to de-stress, but it's also a good way to stay in shape! There is research reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine that states walking 30 minutes a day boosted the moods in depressed patients faster than antidepressants! How can that be? Walking releases natural painkilling endorphins to the body - one of the emotional benefits of exercise. Studies done at CSU Long Beach showed that the more steps people take during the day, the better their moods were. 

[It also serves as meditation. Here's a video tutorial of how to start walking mediation by my dear friend Erica: and make sure to check out her blog at She's ben on a journey to lose weight and she's done an AMAZING job! Go check out her journey!]

3. Stop the inner chatter.

Have you ever tried to go to sleep but your mind is racing thousands of miles an hour rambling about nonsense? Everything that is on your mind that you are stressed about, anxious about, sad about, happy about; it all runs through your head while you lie awake screaming inside to shut up. The funny thing is, it never will until you realize who that voice actually is. It's your insecurity. 

How can we turn down or off our inner voice? I like to use a power phrase when things seem to not work in my favor. I like to say "I choose." Like it or not, life is not happening TO you - it's happening WITH you. We will never be without problems but we can choose how we respond to them. The bottom line? You call the shots. Reminding yourself of that can make it easier to choose happiness.

4. RELAX. 

Now that you have quieted your inner voice, RELAX! Take a trip to a comedy club, watch a romantic comedy or a comedy film, call a friend you haven't talked to in ages and catch up, go shopping, do anything that relaxes you!

5. Think through the event that happened.

All you have to do is take a step back when shit hits the fan. Let's say that you lost your job. There's rent to pay, food to buy, new clothing lines that are coming out with the PERFECT style, and everything seems to be falling apart around you. What should you do? Stop, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, go on a walk if you need to clear your mind, and list 10 things you are grateful to have RIGHT NOW in your life. The sun could be shining. You still have all of your senses! You still have a roof over your head. There are clothes in your closet. CLEAN running water. etc! 

After making the list, then you can think clearly. It's time to change the way you react to things. Life is going to be full of experiences, the important part is how you react to them. There's always 2 sides to a story. It's what story you are choosing to believe.  

What good can come out of losing your job? Let me tell you. You find other things to focus your energy on. I thought my world was going to end because I was working in the film industry and I lost my job. I was doing freelance work until I was deemed disabled and unfit to do production assistant/coordinator work. I was very upset since it's such a competitive field but I did everything I listed here and say opportunity. I'm now focusing my energy on my writing! I have been employed by a website to blog 4-8 stories a day! On top of that, I have started 2 blogs that I update religiously. I can work anywhere, I can travel in the near future without worrying about saving up for the period of missed work/missed wages, and I can make my own schedule! 

I tied a lasso to the fan and I'm on the ride right now. Life isn't about HOW to get from point A to point B. It's about the journey that we are on. Your dreams will come true. I can tell you that for a fact. I just can't tell you HOW it's going to manifest. That's for The Universe to figure out with you. I never would have thought I was good enough to get paid to write, but I am!

Want to know my overall dream? To get paid to work where ever I wanted to and have time to travel. That was my dream. Of course I want to produce films as well but I focused on working from home since I was out of work. It manifested and I'm on top of the world. It all works out in the end. If it doesn't, it's clearly not the end.

Go chase your dreams. Enjoy your journey. Believe.

Light, Love, and Blessings!

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